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Standing seam metal roofs have been used for centuries and are known for being aesthetically pleasing and will protect your building for years. They are a great choice for both commercial buildings and residential structures. Enjoy a low life cycle cost and very little maintenance with a standing seam metal roof.

Sports facility owners, school districts, and colleges work to protect their structures by putting in a bleacher enclosure system. When you enclose the structural framing of a bleacher system, you'll make it safer and have it look better.



• Provides for enclosed storage options

• Keeps children from climbing and crawling under bleachers

• Hides unsightly structural framing

• Keeps trash and debris from blowing under structure

Enjoy the service of a roofing contractor who has been servicing Kansas since 1947.

Metal wall panels are a solution that is very durable and will match any desired look. Take a look at some of the options available:


Firestone Wall Panels

Fabral Wall Panels  

Morin Wall Panels 

Berridge Wall Panels

Work with a professional team of contractors.

Bleacher enclosures

Metal wall panels

Snow guards are a feature that we can have added to your roof to provide protection. Our locally- owned and operated company can add them to prevent snow and ice from falling down and injuring people or the facility.


Snow guards

Bleacher Enclosures Lawrence KS