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Asphalt roofing is a roofing material that has been around for decades and found to be extremely effective. Our locally-owned and operated company is ready to help you put the right asphalt roofing system on your building. We've been serving Northeast Kansas since 1947.


Enjoy long-term warranties for a wide variety of roofing solutions.

Built up roof systems are great for a number of building applications and have been time tested. They are made up of a fiberglass mat or an organic felt that is mixed with asphalt (generally in multiple plies or layers). A stone aggregate layer helps provide protection from the elements.



• Repetitive layers reduce chance of failure

• Time tested reliability

• Stone aggregate effectively protects the roof system against the elements

Only the highest standards in quality.


Built up roof systems

Modified Bitumen roofing systems were derived from asphalt roofing. The modified sheets are made up of a variety of modifiers and asphalt. They can be installed in cold asphalt or hot asphalt based adhesives and the laps can be joined together with hot air welders or torch applied heat. Often, the sheets will have a layer of granular protection or an acrylic coating that is factory added. A layer can also be added after they are installed.



• Modifiers in the sheet protect membrane from thermal/Ultra Violet damage

• Damage can be easily located and patched

• Use time tested waterproofing aspects of asphalt within membrane

• Hot or cold applications are available

Modified Bitumen

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