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Diamond Everley Roofing Contractors is a locally-owned and operated company that has been providing service throughout the Northeast Kansas area since 1947. You'll love working with a company which knows all the little details that make up commercial roofing jobs.


Enjoy long-term warranties for a wide variety of roof solutions.

Find a wide range of commercial roofing supplies and materials in our brand new warehouse. Our warehouse let us store important job materials inside and keep them protected from the elements. Your roofing supplies will be kept at a neutral temperature until they are used on your roofing project.


We have served NE Kansas under current management as Diamond Everley Roofing since 1990. New warehouse in Perry, Kansas was built in 2012 to hold all roofing supplies.


Stocked warehouse

Diamond Everley Roofing Contractors has expanded service to not only include Lawrence and Topeka customers, but also the entire state of Kansas. Our professional work force strives to provide high standards of quality and focus on being the leading roofing contractor in the area.



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